GV Mirror

This is a Python script for Linux Users to download Google Voice messages.



  1. Login to your Linux machine as yourself, a regular user (not root)
  2. Extract the tar ball gvmirror.tar.gz in your home directory
    cd ~ && tar xvzf gvmirror.tar.gz
    \rm -f gvmirror.tar.gz
  3. If you do not already have .gvoice file in your home directory, create one as follows:
       cd ~/gvmirror
       [ -f ~/.gvoice ] || cp dot.gvoice ~/.gvoice
  4. Edit ~/.gvoice by typing: vi ~/.gvoice
    NOTE: In this file, please put your correct google account name, password and corresponding google voice phone number for fields email, password and forwardingNumber respectively
  5. Just run the script as follows:
  6. Feel free to browse the downloaded files in the directory: ~/gvoice/
  7. You may run the script again or nightly through cron if you want!
  8. Each time you run the script, it will only download the new messages, not all your messages.

© Murty Rompalli